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Letter from the President – October 2017

Howdy Sandbridge!

Well, summer has officially left us and this has been an interesting one. I don’t know about you, but it seemed a little busier this year in our little neck of the woods. I was so delighted to see all the smiling faces of the people who were enjoying the surroundings that some of us call home every day. We also saw two new businesses open their doors in our community: Zero’s Subs and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Good luck, guys! Now, we turn our attention to fall and the eventual end of this rather busy hurricane season. Fortunately, we have been spared so far, but there are others who have been less fortunate in the U.S. and its territories. I would encourage you, if you have not already done so, to contribute or help in any way that you can to assist those who have been affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Councilwoman Barbara Henley graciously spent some time with us at our last meeting to explain all that is going on in Sandbridge. Hopefully, she managed to catch her breath after the meeting was over. Her session was very informative. We are going to be seeing a lot of activity in the coming months and year. We are slated to get a new bridge, an expanded roadway in preparation for Nimmo Parkway’s extension into SB Road, a repaved Sandpiper Road, a replenished beach, and some drainage relief. I know it seems like the city might not be doing much sometimes, but we’ll be seeing a lot of city workers and contractors in the future.

At our next meeting, we will be having some political candidates come out and speak to us about their positions on current and future subjects that concern our city and state. I would encourage you to attend this meeting and inform yourselves about the candidates’ positions. Only by being active and engaged can we ensure that our concerns are addressed (though not always relieved) and that we can make informed decisions when we vote in November. Many people have petitioned, fought for, and defended our civil rights and it would be a shame to squander those rights for any reason. It is our civic duty and responsibility to be engaged with our government “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” Best of luck to all the candidates.

I hope to see you (or have seen you) at Oktoberfest. Let’s enjoy the change of seasons and remember to always be kind to each other. Also, please remember that school is back in session, so be on the lookout for those yellow buses full of children.

SBCL Newsletter 10 2017

Letter from the President – September 2017

Happy September, fellow Sandbridgians! Is that even a term? If not, it is now! Wow, what an amazing summer we have had. How about that solar eclipse? The weather has mostly been kind to us, and the temperatures of late have truly been a blessing. It is hard to believe that this wonderful season is drawing to a close as we begin to prepare to send our young ones off to school and college. Some of us may be moving back home, and others may just be breathing a huge sigh of relief that this summer is finally over. Nevertheless, we are moving into the last quarter of the year and we have some fun events on the horizon.

We have the Party at the Pier, the 38th Annual Sandbridge Pig Pickin’, the Baja Surf Classic, Sandbridge Cleanup, the Sandbridge Community Yard Sale and, lest we forget, Oktoberfest! Just because summer may be drawing to a close doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop.

At our last SBCL meeting, we heard about a plan in the works to groom and maintain our beaches, we received an update on our road improvement projects, we found out that there is no restriction for dangerous surf fishing in the waters where swimmers are located, and we also learned that crime in our community is down significantly. Police Captain David Squires credited our diligence in assisting the police by locking our car doors and houses. We are so fortunate to have Capt. Squires as our police captain. His leadership of First Precinct and compassion for our community is demonstrated in the hard work that his officers exemplify every day on the force. He also informed us of a wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation of the officers and a select group of officers when the Friends of the Mounted Patrol will pay us another visit in November. How exciting!

So, as we move away from summer and turn towards fall, let’s remember to continue to support each other, our community and our elected leaders. Together we can enhance and enrich the wonderful experience that we all get to share known as “Sandbridge Life”. Take care.

SBCL Newsletter 09 2017

Letter from the President – July 2017

Greetings fellow members, friends and neighbors,

I would like to first say thank you for electing me as your 2017-2018 Sandbridge Beach Civic League President. I am honored and humbled to have been asked and then approved for this position. I am excited at the opportunity to lead and represent one of the largest and most active civic associations in the entire city.

For those of us who live in this community, or work here, or even visit, we all share this wonderful place. I am grateful that the same neighborhood where I call home is also a place where others want to call home, even if only for a little while at a time. We are sandwiched by two bodies of water, nestled up to a wildlife refuge and surrounded by a bird sanctuary. I feel so blessed that my children can grow up experiencing this awesome diversity of nature and geography. All of us have a unique opportunity to experience and preserve this environment.

We have some special interests as a community to both preserve and promote the beauty of our little enclave. I look forward to representing your agenda to City Council and other government bodies and keep you informed of information that is pertinent to our community. I am also eager to work
with anyone who is willing to get engaged in helping to shape the conversation and provide valuable insights and inputs. In the coming months, we will work together to set forth our agenda and inform the rest of our community that we are here for all, and we value everyone’s opinions. While we may not
always agree on everything, we can at least all agree that we want the best compromise for everyone so that we can all live and work peacefully and comfortably.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe summer. Nicole, Angel, Steven, Trinity, Lefty, Butters, Kisma, and the cats, and I will be seeing you around the neighborhood. Let’s try to be kind to each other and offer a smile and a wave. God Bless.

Andrew Roper

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