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Letter from the President – October 2018

Hello Sandbridge,

It’s autumn! While it may not feel like it yet, fall is in full swing and that brings school, changing leaf colors, the Neptune Festival, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Fall Cleanup, Baja Surf Contest, Thanksgiving and our Community Yard Sale. Please be sure to keep an eye out for the little ones boarding the school buses.

This year, fall also brings an election in November. At our next Civic League meeting on October 15, we’ll be having the candidates present for our SBCL Candidates Forum. We have a lot of candidates on the ballot this year and several will be in attendance. Don’t miss this important event to meet the candidates and hear their positions on a host of issues pertaining to the city, Sandbridge and the state. We hope to hear some intelligent solutions to address our flooding problems in Sandbridge, on our only road in and out, and within the surrounding communities – among other important issues.

The annual Sandbridge Volunteer Rescue Squad’s Pig Pickin’ was a huge success. I haven’t received the numbers yet, but if the turnout is any indication, the event did well and should help our local rescue squad continue the very important task of providing emergency services to our community and the entire city. For those who are not aware, our EMS system (excluding fire and police) is comprised of volunteers and most expenses have to be funded by the individual squads. Events like Pig Pickin’ help raise the funds necessary to buy equipment and supplies. Thank you to our rescue volunteers, our lifeguards and everyone who attended the event and contributed their time and/or money. Special thanks to the Sandbridge Beach Business Association for the wine table at the Pig Pickin’ again this year. I know that plenty of people were thankful to have an alternate beverage option.

We heard from police that while crime in Sandbridge is at an all-time low, vehicle larcenies in the City of Virginia Beach are up – both grand and petty. We were reminded that most of these larcenies are crimes of opportunity so it is very important to remember to remove your belongings from the vehicle, or stow them in the trunk, and remove your keys/fobs from the vehicles and lock the doors. Let’s not make the criminals’ jobs any easier. Remember: “Beep it to Keep it”.

If you have not already done so, please be sure to RSVP for the Oktoberfest. This year’s event promises to be a good one with some exciting additions to the menu and activities. I don’t want to spoil anything so you’ll have to come out and see for yourself. Oktoberfest is on Sunday, October 21 at the Baja restaurant. Hope to see you there!


Andrew Roper


SBCL Newsletter 102018

Letter from the President – September 2018

Hi Neighbors!

Well, we are nearing the last third of summer. The summer days are getting shorter while still staying hot, and the summer nights are getting a little cooler and longer. Some of our children are heading off to college again or for the first time. Good luck Angel and all of the other freshmen this year. We will also have some youngsters heading off to kindergarten, elementary, middle,
or high school. Good luck to all the students!

Just because we are nearing the end of summer doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun. We have the annual Pig Pickin’ in September to raise money
for the all-volunteer Sandbridge Rescue Squad. There is the Party at the Pier and the Baja Surf  Classic and at the Oceanfront (the other beach) there is the East Coast Surfing Championships. We are so fortunate to have a wealth of activities taking place in and around our little piece of the world.

I hope that everyone had a great summer and that the rains we’ve been getting didn’t put too much of a damper on the season. It is so weird that there can be places where they desperately need rain and we are getting so much of it. I don’t want to complain, as we all need rain, but there is such a notion as “too much of a good thing being bad” for us. That being said, we need to work
together as a community to get the City to work with us and fix the problems of flooding that occurs every time we get more than an inch of rain. What’s the point of having this nice beach if you can’t even get into the neighborhood or
cross the street because of all the standing water?

Civic matters aside, let’s still enjoy the summer we have left as we slowly welcome fall, school, and the retail holiday season. We still have many
more community activities in store for the fall. Remember to greet each other with a smile and wave and be good to one another.


SBCL Newsletter 092018

Letter from the President – June 2018

Howdy neighbors!

Well, summer is almost upon us and our season has already begun. As we welcome the warm summer sun, we look forward to all the splendors that the sunny season brings us. From cookouts to campouts, weddings, parties, holidays, to surf and sand, the summertime is always full of opportunities to relax, unwind, and recharge. With the kids home from school and the long summer days, there will be plenty of moments to share and remember. Even for those of us who don’t have children in the household, we may have grown children who will visit, grandchildren who will visit, or neighbor’s children that we may have to chase off our property every once in a while. Though in the end, it is all in good humor.

This time of year also brings about the changing of the guard – so to speak. It is time to elect a new slate of officers for the Civic League. As is usually the case, we have the four executive officer positions and two at-large board members. The nominees’ names are published in this newsletter. As per our bylaws, the secretary of the SBCL will be the one to cast the one vote to elect these nominees at the annual membership meeting in June.

While it is a sad item that we will not be able to enjoy the community fireworks this year, we still have the annual Sandbridge Independence Day Boat Parade on Mill Pond. The city did at least grant us the permit to have this event. So, while we are celebrating the birth of our nation by munching on burgers, hotdogs, chips and beer (or their healthier alternatives) be sure to stop by a neighbor’s house or just step outside and enjoy the cavalcade of decorated boats regaling in our country’s patriotism.

It’s been a pleasure and honor to be your Civic League president and I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to serve you. I hope that we all have a wonderful summer filled with joy and happiness and love and reward, and free from any malevolence or harm. Be kind to each other and remember to greet each other with a smile and a wave. Take care.

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