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Letter from the President – June 2018

Howdy neighbors!

Well, summer is almost upon us and our season has already begun. As we welcome the warm summer sun, we look forward to all the splendors that the sunny season brings us. From cookouts to campouts, weddings, parties, holidays, to surf and sand, the summertime is always full of opportunities to relax, unwind, and recharge. With the kids home from school and the long summer days, there will be plenty of moments to share and remember. Even for those of us who don’t have children in the household, we may have grown children who will visit, grandchildren who will visit, or neighbor’s children that we may have to chase off our property every once in a while. Though in the end, it is all in good humor.

This time of year also brings about the changing of the guard – so to speak. It is time to elect a new slate of officers for the Civic League. As is usually the case, we have the four executive officer positions and two at-large board members. The nominees’ names are published in this newsletter. As per our bylaws, the secretary of the SBCL will be the one to cast the one vote to elect these nominees at the annual membership meeting in June.

While it is a sad item that we will not be able to enjoy the community fireworks this year, we still have the annual Sandbridge Independence Day Boat Parade on Mill Pond. The city did at least grant us the permit to have this event. So, while we are celebrating the birth of our nation by munching on burgers, hotdogs, chips and beer (or their healthier alternatives) be sure to stop by a neighbor’s house or just step outside and enjoy the cavalcade of decorated boats regaling in our country’s patriotism.

It’s been a pleasure and honor to be your Civic League president and I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to serve you. I hope that we all have a wonderful summer filled with joy and happiness and love and reward, and free from any malevolence or harm. Be kind to each other and remember to greet each other with a smile and a wave. Take care.

SBCL Newsletter 062018

Letter from the President – May 2018

Howdy Neighbors!

With spring mostly sprung, though the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, we’re now turning our attention to the upcoming summer season that always kicks off a little early each year in Sandbridge. Our summer starts around Memorial Day with our annual parade remembering those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We also remembered another sacrifice when we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Little Island Park. Special thanks to Amy Barton and her crew of student volunteers for a wonderful event on what was a beautiful day. So many residents and guests turned out to watch the little ones frantically gather up as many goodie-filled plastic eggs as they could.

That’s not all that’s happening in Sandbridge! We also had our semi-annual Community Yard Sale and, by the time this newsletter arrives in your mailbox, we’ll have had our semi-annual Community Cleanup to get our neighborhood ready for our summer season and all our wonderful residents and guests who are returning or visiting our little slice of heaven. We’ll also be saying goodbye to some residents as they move to their temporary homes as they make their forever homes available for others to have a little taste of paradise for a little while.

The upcoming busy season brings us new visitors and guests, creates jobs for local youths and makes memories for everyone. It’s also a time for more accidents and injuries and a need for donated blood. If you are able, please consider donating blood at the American Red Cross Blood Drive on May 10 at the firehouse in Sandbridge. And, as always, a special thanks to our volunteers with the rescue squad who will help keep our beaches safe, respond to emergencies, and ensure every resident gets the help they need in their time of crisis. We can’t thank our emergency responders and safety personnel enough for the hard work and sacrifices that they give to our community.

So, let’s remember to greet each other with a smile and wave as we enjoy the blossoming of spring, the coming warmth of summer and the smiles and good times. Also, please be sure to thank a veteran and a first responder or police officer.

Happy 16th, Steven!


Letter from the President – April 2018

Happy spring!

The cherry blossoms are blooming, the daffodils are blossoming, and I am sneezing more each and every day. It must mean that spring has sprung! As we emerge from our winter slumber, we turn towards the warmth of the sun and prepare for our busiest time of year in Sandbridge. We’ll be opening our pools, cleaning our homes, landscaping our yards (thanks Jason for all the awesome gardening tips!) and gathering with our neighbors for various outdoor activities. By the time this newsletter comes out, we’ll have had our annual Easter Egg Hunt. We also have our upcoming Spring Clean-up, our bi-annual Community Yard Sale and our Memorial Day Parade in May. Though the Shamrock marathon was a bit chilly as it was still technically winter, it was also fun to attend and see all the runners compete.

While we have much to do this spring, we cannot forget that we still have the Short-term Rental Ordinance issue to contend with. Even though City Council has delayed action until May, this doesn’t mean that this issue is concluded. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all who attended the City Council meeting on March 6. It was wonderful to see so much activism from the community around this important issue for so many of us. Whether you were for or against the ordinance, it was great to see our democracy in action. The opportunity for our citizens to express their viewpoints in a public setting without condemnation is a right that we all have and share, just as we all have a right to live without fear of criminal acts. Which is why it is unfortunate for me to have to bring this up, but we had some vandalism take place against some of our neighbors. Some may view this as a politically-motivated act, and that just make it even more detestable. As a community, we must stand up against these acts of aggression, regardless of our political viewpoints, and demand that we maintain a civil venue for discussing our grievances. If anyone has any information about the mailbox bashing that took place in our quiet neighborhood, please contact Crime Solvers.

Spring is a wonderful time of rebirth and new growth, and I’m excited that our community will grow as well. We’ll be having more visitors and see more activity on our streets. Businesses will be opening their doors to welcome these guests. Homes will be rented to accommodate our visitors. Let us not forget that we live in such an awesome place that others are willing to travel here just to visit for a short while. For so many of us, this yearly cycle is essential to our financial wellbeing and we as a community should do all that we can to preserve that. We each have a social responsibility to each other to preserve and promote the environment that permits us to be successful in whatever venture we may pursue. There is no guarantee of success, but we can ensure that we are not rooting for failure. Nobody wins when some or all of us loses. Our success or failure as a community rests solely upon our shoulders. For me, I like to see success.

Let’s have an amazing spring and remember to greet each other and our guests with a smile and a wave!

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