About the Sandbridge Beach Civic League


The Sandbridge Beach Civic League (SBCL) was formed in 1974 to keep its members informed about matters concerning the general welfare and civic betterment in all fields such as cultural, educational, recreational and social as well as the community physical aspects of Sandbridge Beach. The SBCL also provides a forum for members to express their views on matters that come before it during monthly meetings.

The SBCL meets monthly with the exceptions of July and December. Meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are usually held at the Sandbridge Community Chapel at the community building across the street.

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Membership eligibility is extended to adults who own property in Sandbridge or who are residents of Sandbridge Beach.  Residents are defined as persons residing in Sandbridge for at least six months of the year.

Annual dues are $30 per year per household or property and include up to two adult members of that household with each member having one vote.  Annual dues are not prorated.  The SBCL fiscal year begins January 1 of each year.

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SBCL Members receive the following benefits:

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Voting on issues presented at membership meetings and for officers

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Annual Directory

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Oktoberfest Party each October

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Santa Party for Children each December

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Easter Egg Hunt each spring