Baja Surf Classic 2019

Chalk one up for another successful Baja Surf Classic which was held at Little Island Park on Sunday, September 15. The conditions were sunny with nice waves all day. It was a great day for families to enjoy a few last hours of summer beach weather. We had 86 contestants in nine divisions. Once again, the contest was free for participants, and we raised money for our expenses and our charities by individual and local business donations. This year, we will be donating to CHKD and the Carson Clough medical fund.

I want to thank all our local families and businesses, who so graciously donated to those in need. We were able to raise $6,100 and after paying our expenses, we have $4,000 for the charities. The Baja will match this donation, so each charity will receive $4,000.

Super Groms (8 & under)

Carson Maloney
Jackson Leon
Ethan Robinson
Troy Shiner
Jacob Bayer
Piper Rogers
Lexie Blanchette
Cami Blanchette
Clara Robinson
Asher Debolt

Menehunes (11 & under)
1. Liam Maloney
2. Barrett DeMuth
3. Dylan Bennington
4. Luke Fraim
5. Eli Robinson
6. Luke Leary

1. Sunny Barton
2. Lilly Turner
3. Blake Parker
4. Eliana Seymour

1. Eliot Bolling
2. Caidan Jamison
3. Eli Robinson
4. Liam Maloney
5. Troy Shiner
6. Nick Pearson

Junior Shortboard
1. Blayr Barton
2. Kanoa Wong
3. Addison Kirkland
4. Rhett Kirkland
5. Ryan Kinley
6. Peyton Acosta

Junior Longboard
1. Ryan Kindley
2. Ryder Sanders
3. Bane Barton
4. Noah Fodness
5. Sunny Barton
6. Blake Parker

Senior Longboard
1. Kris Boettcher
2. Ian Seymour
3. Mike Maloney
4. Ethan Rogers
5. Keaton Kirkland
6. Nick Naylor

Men’s Shortboard
1. Brad Harrell
2. Tyler Hambleton
3. Ted Eberhart
4. Ian Seymour
5. Blayr Barton
6. Kris Boettcher

Open Division
1. Blayr Barton
2. Ted Eberhart
3. Brad Harrell
4. Kanoa Wong
5. Ethan Rogers
6. Garrett Roland

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