Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Despite Obstacles, the Easter Bunny Delivers

By Jane Stilley

Peter Cottontail wasn’t taking “no” for an answer when the SBCL’s Easter Egg Hunt had to be canceled because of Covid-19. Amy Barton, who has been organizing the hugely-popular event for years, could have just walked away and taken a year off. If you know Amy, you know she is not a quitter. When we came to the realization that the Easter Egg Hunt at Little Island Park needed to be called off, she told me “I just can’t fathom not being able to bring joy to the children of Sandbridge.” Amy then came up with the idea of Easter egg home deliveries with everyone’s health and safety a first concern.

Instead of her army of volunteers, Amy kept the process down to just her immediate family of her husband Pat and son Bane. It was a Herculean task. The Easter Bunny delivered 3,500 eggs to 55 homes. This mission of love took the Barton family all day to accomplish, with just one break for the Easter Bunny (or should I say Energizer Bunny) to get a quick lunch.

You can see by the photos how the kids (and adults) were so delighted with the special delivery. Although families were asked to sign up in advance so Amy would know how many eggs to prepare, she did make impromptu stops for anyone she thought might have been left out. Bane Barton is also the hero of the day for donning the Easter Bunny costume and giving up his entire Saturday to perform such a generous deed. His father Pat handled the driving detail, mapping out all the homes in an orderly fashion.

Amy would like to thank Angela Kirkland for providing the blessing and Staci and Barry Kirschner for the ice cream cone coupons from Sugar Shack. She also adds, “I say it all the time, but I am so grateful for not only our piece of paradise where we live, but even more, I am grateful for all the loving people in our community.” Back atcha, Amy! She is truly the embodiment of the Easter spirit, and Sandbridge is blessed to have the Bartons!

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