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Letter from the President – June 2019

This newsletter is going to print just days after the worst mass shooting in the history of  Virginia Beach. Although it appears no one from Sandbridge was among those killed or injured, we do have neighbors who were in the Municipal Center at the time of the attack. We join the rest of Virginia Beach and the nation as we support the families of the victims in this heart-wrenching time.

Turning to summer: we have a lot going on this month in Sandbridge. Party at the Pier will have us rocking and rolling on June 14. Bingo begins on Wednesday night, June 12, for a ten-week stretch. For the kids and teens, there are the Junior Lifeguard Camps at the end of the month. The Memorial Day parade has just taken place and there were a lot of new families involved in helping to kick off the season and show our patriotic pride!

Our celebration of the red, white and blue continues next month with our Fourth of July Boat Parade. My vessel will be leading the pack as we sail out of Osprey Bay (behind Teal Crescent). Boats will gather at 6:30 p.m. with a start slated for 7:00 p.m. The theme is Peace, Love & the Fourth of July. Hope to see you there! Also, State Senator Bill DeSteph spoke at our last membership meeting and he is giving the SBCL flags to put out to celebrate Independence Day. As he told us, “Let’s paint Virginia Beach red, white and blue!”

We have lost some longtime Sandbridge neighbors and friends. John Settle and Sandbridge Realty owner Tom Shell passed away as this issue goes to print. In this newsletter, we have several tributes to Jean Siebert. We are all feeling the loss of these dear friends who have left deep footprints in the sand
here in Sandbridge.

Also in this issue: Pig Pickin’ has some new events and sponsorship opportunities. Check it out!

Hope you have a safe and productive summer!


Andrew Roper

SBCL President

SBCL Newsletter June 2019

Letter from the President – May 2019

Happy Spring!

Now that spring has sprung, we all turn towards the greening of our neighborhood and the preparation for the upcoming season. Of course, those of us with allergies aren’t so keen on all this pollen that has besieged our properties and our cars. It’s amazing how much of that pollen is produced by the flora that surrounds and beautifies our little slice of paradise.

I hope that everyone had a good Easter and spring break. We had a lot of activities take place in April. We had our Easter Egg Hunt, our Community Yard Sale, our Spring Cleanup, and the oceanfront had the “Something’s in The Water” festival. Special thanks to Amy Barton and her dedicated group of volunteers and all those who donated plastic eggs and goodies. A shout-out to Jonnie Mellen for organizing the Community Yard Sale, and props to James Barton and Kevin Wong for honchoing the cleanup and the delicious barbeque we all enjoy afterwards.

At our April SBCL meeting, we heard from Jason Blanchette of Anderson’s Nursery. He was thrilled to answer the great questions from the membership and gave us some wonderful advice on how to fight off moles, voles, grubs, weeds, and other threats to our natural investments. We were so grateful for him to come out and take the time to share his wisdom with us.

Our season is just getting started and the fun never stops! We have many more events to look forward to in and around Sandbridge. Keep checking this newsletter and the Civic League website for details. As always, remember to greet each other with a smile and a wave and enjoy the wonderful weather.

All the best,

Andrew Roper


SBCL Newsletter May 2019