By: Mike Maloney, Pig Pickin’ Chair

Thank you all who came out to support YOUR Volunteer Rescue Squad. Hurricane Florence was never an issue for this event, but certainly became an issue right after. Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors to the South.

This year was down from last year due to the threat of rain forecasted for Saturday afternoon. As the week rolled on, the forecast improved and, as is generally the case, the weather was excellent. The rainy forecast did however hurt sales as many (hundreds) waited until the last minute.

Our dedicated sponsors sent their checks early. The sponsors and the extra tickets they bought (at $35 instead of $40) accounted for 980 tickets sold. General ticket sales were 778, with 135 sold at the park during the event. That puts a strain on things, but we can’t say no, right? We did raise the general ticket price to $40 this year, but kept sponsorships at $100 and extra sponsor tickets at $35. That was a good decision.

Speaking of sponsorships, we tried another level this year: The Sandbridge Club (SBC) Sponsorship. We raised an extra $5000+ with this. There are challenges. Reserved seating doesn’t seem quite right. We had seats people weren’t using, while so many wanted to sit. Reserved parking for SBC and keeping a reasonable amount of spaces for handicap does not seem possible or certainly very difficult. A lot of questions and answers to come on this. PLEASE give me your feedback.

Set up of tables and chairs is that last minute thing that requires good people at 8:00 the morning of. Thank you – Tim Grover, Gene Estes, Chuck Pearson, Andrew DelSorto, Adam, Finn and Padraig Perschau. We had the extra chore of setting up the new “alcohol barriers” again. The tents were up a little earlier on Friday so Tim, Andrew and I were able to set up the pavilions Friday instead of Saturday. THANK YOU!

Ann Bohannon, once again, did a masterful job of coordinating the crafters! Fred Greene took a step back this year after 19 years of handling Admin duties. Thank you Ginny Maloney for stepping in. You are a great partner in many ways.

I have had great compliments on the larger tent, the food and the band (always a hit). Issues: The beer was foamy. True, the truck had a flat tire coming in and the refrigeration went out. We were given a break in price but it puts a foamy cloud over the event. Sorry. That is being addressed. The other is the seating I already addressed.

It is an honor to be part of making this happen every year. We raised a lot of money and had a lot of FUN.

See you next year on Saturday, September 7, 2019.

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